about us

about us


Jobsite safety and cleanliness is a top priority at GDT Framing, Inc. Our safety program is driven and managed by upper management and supported by outside council. All of our employees are trained and certified with the proper safety credentials and we comply with all applicable OSHA and Cal-OSHA standards.

GDT Framing, Inc. surrounds every two story house with full scaffolding to ensure the safest possible working conditions for our valuable employees. Temporary railings are constructed at all required areas such as stairways and more. Furthermore, our safety training, weekly meetings and handouts drive home the importance of safety.

Owner Glen Davies, is a highly competent and reputable life-long framer. Glen is the definition of hands-on; personally figuring layout for each project and frequently visiting jobsites. His skill are honed and un-matched in this industry.

GDT Framing's employs a documented Quality Control Program designed to be practical, flexible and effective. Our customer service is managed and directed in-house to ensure prompt and accurate service. GDT Framing Inc. partners with Safety Compliance Company and maintains an active documented safety program in complete compliance with OSHA regulations, including daily safety inspections and enforcement.

Since the start of GDT Framing Inc. in 1998, the Company has sought to surround itself with the very best the framing industry has to offer, from the estimating and sales staff, to competent field foremen and superintendents. The Company has harvested knowledgeable staff members that understand the Company‚Äôs objectives and long term goals.

If you look at GDT Framing, Inc. closely you will see a company that cares about their clients and homeowners as well as their employees, with a simple set of goals that will surpass expectations.